Darlene’s Story

“My experience with breast cancer began with my family. I lost my grandmother to breast cancer in 1987. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 and is a breast cancer survivor.

Motivated by my experiences, I became involved with Nor-Cal Think Pink in 2007, volunteering as a bag stuffer.

In September 2009, my connection to Think Pink became even stronger when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thanks in part to my involvement with Think Pink and my increased awareness of the importance of early detection, I caught my breast cancer early through my annual mammogram. The tumor at the time was too small to feel through self exam and I would not have discovered it without my mammogram. Yes, mammograms do save lives.

The early detection not only saved my life but also saved me from having to go through more aggressive treatments. I did not have to endure chemo or radiation. Since my diagnosis, I have tested positive for the BRCA2 breast cancer gene.

In 2010, I became a Board Member of Think Pink because I thought my experience as a survivor could be a great help to the organization. I also run the Think Pink store located in Tri Counties Bank at 1250 Hilltop Drive in Redding. The store opens the last week of September through the month of October.

Through this process I have become a strong advocate for women going through breast cancer. I call my experience my “Breast Cancer Journey”.

This journey has allowed me to help other people who have been affected by breast cancer, including both those diagnosed with breast cancer and their family members. Sometimes breast cancer affects family members more than the person going through it. It is so important to have a strong support system of friends and family members to get through this. My husband, son and sister were my rocks during my multiple surgeries.

It is extremely rewarding to be able to be part of that support, both as a breast cancer survivor and as a board member of Nor-Cal Think Pink.

We are not just an organization. Nor-Cal Think Pink is a very personal effort and we are available to help anyone affected by breast cancer.”


Redding, CA

Breast Cancer Survivor: Darlene