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Change is in the Air!


It’s been said that the only thing that remains constant is change. This year we ask all of you for your support and flexibility as Think Pink embarks on a journey of historic change in transitioning our West side bag handout location from MD Imaging to a new location due to traffic concerns.


Please know that we’re huge supporters of the active lifestyle that our new bike lanes in Redding provides, since exercise helps prevent breast cancer. However, we discovered an unintended consequence of the new Court Street bike lane when our 2014 Think Pink Day backed up traffic on Court Street from MD Imaging all the way to Eureka Way. As a result, our team has been exploring options for a new bag handout location for the West side of town that will not have such an impact on cross-town traffic. We will officially announce that location as soon as permits are completed.


As we say goodbye to our MD Imaging location, we reflect on our past success. As you know, Think Pink was born from an idea brought forward by Carol Lake of the American Cancer Society, Dr. Michael Figureroa of Cancer Care Consultants and Melody Christenson of MD Imaging. You may not know that the entire team at MD Imaging has been and still continues to be amazing supporters every step of the way. We want to extend our sincere appreciation to MD Imaging for all the prior years of support – from the leadership to the employees (and family members of employees) who have always gone above and beyond year after year behind the scenes to make Think Pink Day happen. You are amazing supporters, both financially and through your hard work, and we are very grateful to all of you.

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