Annual Calendar Giveaway Event

Join us on Think Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Day for a heartfelt cause as we spread awareness and support for breast cancer. In collaboration with local organizations, we’re giving away calendars adorned with inspiring messages and educational information. Let’s come together to raise awareness and show our solidarity in the fight against this disease.

Event Date: October 17th, 2024

6:00am - 9:00am, at 1250 Hilltop Dr.

This year’s theme is “Faces of Strength” where we celebrate the resilience and courage of breast cancer fighters and survivors. Each month features the inspiring faces of individuals who are facing their battle or have triumphed over this challenging journey, embodying strength, hope, and perseverance. As we turn the pages of this calendar, we honor these remarkable individuals and their unwavering spirit, offering a tribute to their strength and a source of encouragement for all who encounter their stories. Join us on this journey of celebration and empowerment as we highlight the Faces of Strength in the breast cancer community.

Reserve your bags for you and your co-workers!

Advanced reservations for businesses and organizations are encouraged. Bags can be reserved in quantities of 25. Exclusive Early Pick-up will be at the Downtown Redding Tri Counties Bank, 1327 South St. on Wednesday, October 16th 5-7pm.  The reservation link will be available October 1st.

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Opportunities to support this event include bag stuffing, bag hand-outs, or sponsorships

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