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Nor Cal Think Pink

How Did Think Pink Begin?

Nor Cal Think Pink

I have had the honor of serving with Nor Cal Think Pink since it’s very inception as several of us sat around a table voicing a common concern about the high incidence of breast cancer and the low number of people taking advantage of the good science available for its early detection. Our concern was how can we impact women to catch breast cancer in its earliest stages, and therefore increase their chance for survival?

The year was 1996 and we were quickly approaching October and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Very little was happening to bring attention to this important issue at that time. I have always been convinced that Nor-Cal Think Pink’s beginning was the right people, in the right time, in the right place and we’re still working today to impact our friends and neighbors in Northern California.

It’s been 17 years. In that first year we distributed 500 bags. That number has increased to 40,000 Think Pink bags spreading the word every year about the importance of early detection.

The founding members of Nor-Cal Think Pink were:

  • Melody Christenson
  • Michael Figueroa, MD
  • Carol Lake

It was only 4 of us who started Nor-Cal Think Pink, but we have grown to hundreds of volunteers and countless companies and others in the community who help us make this enormous effort happen each year.

Consider for a moment the difference you can make. We always welcome anyone who is interested in supporting us in this great cause!

– Melody Christenson
(one of the original founders of Nor-Cal Think Pink)

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