Dianne’s Story

Diagnosis date: May 2013

“My name is Dianne Turney and I am a 3-year survivor of breast cancer.

I was diagnosed in May of 2013 with DCIS in the right breast (breast cancer in milk ducts). Since I also had suspicious findings on the left side, I decided to have a bi-lateral mastectomy without reconstruction. I had the very best doctor, Dr. Ian Grady of the North Valley Breast Clinic, who guided me every step of the way and was so patient to answer all of my questions. Even though he is very qualified to assist with reconstruction, I decided not to go that route. Being flat seems live a very healthy choice for me. The great folks at Spectrum Prosthetics were so respectful and helpful fitting me with prosthetic bras, camis and a swimsuit. I ended up with some complications with fluid build ups and infection which delayed my recovery for a while, but Dr. Grady just hung in there with me until all was taken care of. I now know why his patients love him so. I also developed phantom pain and was referred right away to a pain management specialist who was able to help me.

As soon as I recovered enough, I began a walking (and then jogging) program and began working out at the gym. The owner there was so thoughtful and careful to customize my routine. With some changes to my diet and the exercise I was able to lose 60 lbs. Making healthy choices is one way to keep cancer at bay so I want to do all I can to live long. My prognosis is very good. I am happy and so grateful for all the support I have had. In less than a year and a half after my surgery, I ran in a couple of 5k races and came in 2nd place in my age division (I’m 68). I have never been a runner before, but it felt great to get in shape and have such success.

My story is a happy one because regular screening caught my cancer very early when treatment is so much less traumatic and because I had a breast cancer specialist who is top-notch caring for me. I also cannot forget all those family and friends who encouraged me in so many ways. I am one very grateful survivor!”

Dianne Turney

Breast Cancer Survivor: Dianne