Janell’s Story

“April 2009 I felt a lump: not good. Within weeks I was mammogramed, ultrasounded, poked, prodded, MRI’d, CT’d and eventually branded with stage 2 breast cancer. Not for a moment, did I think I would be taken out by a disease, let alone cancer. That very thought, fueled an incredible fire within me.

I am now 3 and half years cancer-free and look forward when 5 years have flown by and I can say I’m in remission. Until then, I am a thriving survivor with a good attitude. I have an amazing support network. I love to laugh and I am grateful for every day.

To protect yourself, know your body well. Be aware of changes and be an advocate for yourself. Know that your great attitude will dictate your great recovery. Find out what really matters in your heart and go for it! Lastly, laugh and be grateful, every day.”

Janell Lawrence

Breast Cancer Survivor: Janell